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Johnnie Walker White Walker Game Of Throne
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Product SKU 1083032
Brand Johnnie Walker
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Strongly influenced by the cold white mist that covers the Far North of Westeros, our limited edition Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky features a frosted bottle sleeve that reveals hidden designs when exposed to the cold. Chill-filtered for an extraordinarily smooth and approachable flavour, Johnnie Walker White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky offers incomparably rich seasonal tastes of vanilla, red fruits and orchard fruits that are perfect for sharing at the next premier, finale or any occasion. Just add with coconut soda, garnish with a lemon wheel and mint sprig and pour into an ice-filled highball glass for a refreshing tasting Army of the Dead cocktail.  Our 41.7% ABV is a nod to the seven kingdoms and their one true throne and includes one 750 mL bottle of the limited edition White Walker Blended Scotch Whisky. The Johnnie Walker brand’s extraordinary knowledge of Scotland’s malts and its sincere desire to create well-balanced blends of malt whiskies led to the whisky brand we have today. Each batch is perfectly matured to perfection in quality oak casks. As one of the biggest whisky brands in the world, Johnnie Walker embraces a rallying cry for optimism through adversity as it challenges the world (and Westeros) to keep walking.

NOSE - Sweet caramel on the nose with notes of soft spice and dried fruit.

TASTE - A delightful blend of seasoned oak, vanilla and spice notes with a touch of cinnamon.

FINISH - Warm, spicy and lingering.

41.7% ABV 700ml

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